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Struggles of a Reluctant Housewife

No, the toughest job might not be running a company but, the toughest job is certainly running a household. A housewife cannot hire people, fire or ignore them according to her will. She manages the household financially in spite of not earning a salary and what not she does! Plus, her struggles are never ending. Here are few major struggles that every reluctant housewife undergoes at some stage or probably everyday.

She does all by herself

A housewife is more like a lone ranger who looks after everything alone. From washing dishes, clothes to cleaning every mess, she doesn’t have a partner to work with her all the chores. Doing everything on her own without any help is not only tough but tiring and frustrating for her at the same time. Well, how a housewife manages to do everything single-handedly is something even management gurus are not able to crack!

Unlike other working people, she doesn’t get a salary

How she wish that like other she got a salary every month! Well, if she did then begin a housewife would be one of the highest paying works! Unfortunately, in spite of working all day long for everyone from cleaning to cooking meals, there is no paycheck waiting for her at the end of the month. She mostly has to depend on her husband which is another frustrating thing for her.

She has to listen to every family member

While most of the working people can choose to ignore the saying and requests of others, a housewife can never do that. She has to listen and hear about the needs and requirements of every family member and try her best to fulfill them even if it takes a toll on herself. Sometimes, she cooks the favorite meal of her kid because he/she wants to eat something special or sometimes she has to hear everything her in-laws say. It tough because she doesn’t get a choice to pick what she wants to do and for whom she wants to do.

No leaves or vacations for her

Well, being a housewife is one job where there are no leaves or no vacations! It is not easy for a housewife to simply pack her bags and take a vacation because then it will disrupt everything at home increasing her pile of her. She works 24*7 and 365 days a year and rarely gets a vacation or a break she deserves. Imagine working without leaves, and still somehow she manages to do it all everyday with patience!

The work she does, always do not get the necessary appreciation

This is probably the worst part. While other working people on getting a job done gets a pat on back or promotion or recognition, a housewife rarely gets any of these things. On the contrary, there are instances when she is ignored or her everyday work gets unappreciated. Nobody comes and tells her that, You do lot of work every day, I really appreciate it’ or say thank you for looking after everything so beautifully’.

A housewife rescues every family member and binds them in a wonderful string of family. Family members are working peacefully in office or studying in schools because there is this amazing lady who is making everything smoothly for them. It is high time she gets the appreciation and attention she deserves.