5 Things Housewives Shouldn’t Have To Do At Home

Contrary to popular belief, the show “Desperate Housewives” is a very poor representation of what housewives actually are. We don’t look like supermodels. We don’t live on gossip. And we most certainly do not sit with our feet up all day looking for methods to amuse ourselves. 

There is however one way in which we are similar. I am desperate in the true sense of the word. Between doing the laundry, feeding the kids, and looking like a complete mess – I desperately need help around the house!

While being at home automatically means that the domestic chores should be my responsibility, there are some things that I just shouldn’t have to do. 

I have made a list of the 5 things housewives shouldn’t have to do at home to vent. Here they are:

1. I shouldn’t have to fight with the washing machine 

If you’re a housewife, you will know that your washing machine is the only thing that loves you and takes care of you. My washing machine and I have had a falling out of late. She no longer feels the need to wash automatically the way she used to. 

Maybe it’s because I kept pushing her buttons day after day. 

It fills the water then stops, or it refuses to rotate the drum. It’s truly a challenge to keep my cool with this washing machine. I need a new one! I cannot bear to have to wash all that clothing by hand.

2. Maintaining the trees

The trees are growing like wildfire. I don’t know how to control them. 

Once, I took the ladder out into the yard and tried to tame them with a butcher knife – it didn’t end too well. For the butcher knife that is. 

It makes the garden look unkempt. I hate it when things are not in place and do not look neat and presentable for when guests come over. It looks bad on me because I am the home executive.

I’m not one to leave something just because I can barely reach it and it destroyed my butcher knife. It is on!

So I contacted my local internet browser and found tree Service Sallisaw. The customer service is great and they did an amazing job on the trees – they look absolutely, expertly manicured.

I’ve made a standing order for them to come every 3 weeks to neaten up the trees.

3. Washing the barbecue rack

I know that there are millions of pages on this on Google – on how to clean the grease and fat off a barbecue rack. But I hate doing it.

It can’t fit in the basin. So I have to take it out into the yard with a bucket of water and wash it on the grass. 

It makes me feel like I’m living in the 1920’s. 

4. Cleaning bathroom mildew – off the ceiling!

My husband has a bad habit of closing the bathroom window when he takes a shower. He doesn’t open the window before the leaves the bathroom. So the bathroom stands with all this moisture and steam floating around until I walk in and open the window.

Tiny mildew spots have thus started appearing on the ceiling above the shower! Try getting a ladder into the shower and using toxic cleaning materials above your face. Keeping your hands in the air to scrub off this stubborn mildew is a nightmare!

I shouldn’t have to do this, it’s a safety hazard.

5. Taking out the trash

The truth is that this task isn’t even all that difficult. It’s not
that it’s even too heavy because I can manage.

This one is a matter of principle – I do everything else. The least he can do after a fun day at work is take out the trash for me. 

It’s not like I’m asking for another wedding ring…


Well there you have it – 5 things that housewives shouldn’t have to do at home. At least one of the 5 have been removed from my list! 

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