Reasons Housewives Feel Like Maids

Being a housewife is tougher than it looks. Only they themselves can understand the potential and the energy that it takes to hold everything and everyone together in a place. There are instances when it simply takes the toll on them and a housewife ends up feeling like she is the maid of the house. Let’s look at the reasons that eventually get her this negative and not-so good feeling.


She ends up doing all household chores


From cleaning to cooking to dusting, a housewife does most of the work and this definitely makes her feel like a maid. She can’t exactly complain because most of the members expect her to take care of and look after all the chores but then it gets really exhausting and tiring for her! Although, she likes to look after and be in-charge of household work but, at the same time she needs a break and not feel like a maid.


More sacrifices and compromises on her part


A housewife has to be there for her husband, kids and in-laws. Looking after their needs and requirements, she ends up making up several unknown compromises and sacrifices on her part. Take for example to get everyone ready on time for school and work, she compromises on her sleep and wakes up early. Similarly, there many sacrifices that she makes every single day that can make her feel like a maid who devotes most for her time attaining to others.


Cleaning-up and picking-up after every mess in Home


Be it a party or a get-together, a housewife always stays till the end and cleans up all the mess and sets the home organized and ready for another day. Like others, she also feels like taking a rest or leaving things just like that but, she can’t usually find herself to ignore all the mess and ends up cleaning it. Other than this, she spends her entire day picking up socks, clothes, toys, and stuffs that kids and her husband mostly keep here and there all over the house. Sometimes this gets to her nerves and she gets a notion of a maid.


Spending most of her time staying at home


The most boring part of begin a housewife is staying at home the entire day and sometimes it feels to her as if she is the guard of the house. After doing all the chores and housework, it becomes tough for her to spend the rest of the time idle sitting at home. Also, even if she goes out, she needs to be back at home at soon because things always became a mess when she is gone for long!


Not receiving the kind of response she expects from family members


In spite of working and staying all day at home to tend to her family members, a housewife doesn’t always get the kind of response from the members. Sometimes, the kids tend to be rude to her and not listen or sometimes she gets ignored. At such instances she might feel like a maid to whom not attention is paid.


She devotes her time to look after the people she loves and the house that is her home. To such a wonderful woman, no, she is definitely not a maid! In fact, she is the super woman without whom every family member would be lost!

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