Enjoying the little moments

Yesterday, Zoe and I decided to run some errands before we had to go to work. Nothing major, just a few returns here and there and I wanted to find a frame for a picture Brad printed on Mothers Day. Because I knew we had several stores that we were stopping in, when we got to Target I let Zoe just walk with me… or, I should say “run and dance” with me… because that’s what she does these days. She runs, and then if she’s walking it’s because she wants to dance while she walks. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever… and man, was she excited! As we were making our way back to the front of the store we passed that music box that plays the soft piano songs and Zoe stopped in her tracks and started dancing. She thought it was seriously the best thing ever.

We still had the majority of our errands in front of us, and very little time left on the clock to accomplish everything. I had a choice. I could indulge my daughter’s love of all things musical and dance, or I could hurry her along and get all my errands done.

My little girl and I had a dance party in the middle of Target to the Sante Fe collection {because it was the only decent selection}.

And it was awesome.

We laughed. She squealed. We danced. Over and over again…

Then we headed on to our next errand, the camera store. Why the camera store? Oh, because my awesome siblings gave me gift cards for the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens that I’ve been wanting since… well, since I learned that the kit lens is just a starting place and you really need prime lenses. The 50mm is a great starting place for a first upgrade, and at $125 it can’t be beat! So… extremely excited, we head to the camera store. We had to wait because this little old man was selling his camera stuff. The guy was adorable. He took his first photo in 1936…. 1936! And he’s been in love with photography ever since. I was enjoying just standing there listening to him tell stories.

He was trying to sell back all his accessories too, but the camera guys only took the “hard stuff”? Does that sound right? Anyways, they would only take his camera, lens, and camera bag. He said that he couldn’t use his tripod anymore because of how hard it was to lug around, and that they could just have it and please give it to some kid who was just starting out. I just stood there, motionless… something in my brain was trying to get my mouth to talk, but I was frozen. Finally, I mustered up the courage to say, “I’ll take it. I mean, if you’re giving it away, I’ll take it.” And he handed it to me.

Just like that.

And then I started crying. What an awesome belated birthday present from God! I have a tripod sitting in my closet that I didn’t pay a DIME for. The store didn’t have the lens I was looking for because they can’t keep them on their shelves, so we left with just the tripod… and I couldn’t have been any happier.

And, to think… if we hadn’t of had that dance party, we wouldn’t have been in the camera store at the right time. Not only did I have the pleasure of participating in my 532,456th dance party with my daughter, hearing her laugh with unhindered delight, and join in the laughter myself… which, in itself, is enough. I got a tripod out of the deal to.

Happy Wednesday Ya’ll!

4 Responses to Enjoying the little moments

  1. Kathryn Leslie

    I remember reading something when my kids were little about “toddler time.” They have their own sense of time…it is includes plenty of time to dance, explore and just wonder…but it seems grown-up time is always pushing them along. What’s the big hurry anyway? I am thrilled to hear you a a mommy who “gets” toddler time! Dance party on, you two! I love love love reading your stuff.

    • To be fair, I don’t always choose to stop and enjoy the dance party {or the “I want to buckle my OWN SELF in” or “I want to stop and sit on every single step and we walk upstairs and I want you to sit with me too”} moments. But, when I do stop… which is still pretty often… I’m always rewarded =)

  2. Adrienne Kazarian

    That is AWESOME Rebbecca! God is soooo good! :-)

  3. love love love His sweet provisions!

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