Daily Archives: August 8, 2011

Weekend Review

This past weekend was one of those rare weekends when nothing eventful is planned, but becomes eventful all on it’s own. Do you know what I’m talking about? Let me explain. Friday evening, after calling Brad two days in a row in tears, he took me to Target and bought tupperware containers that I can carry fresh snacks for Zoe in. Over the weekend he boiled, chopped, bought, and stored so that I would be taken care of. Have I told you how much I love that guy? He’s pretty incredible. Here’s our first stash…the cucumber still has to be chopped up.

{Sorry for the blur}
{Carrots…even more in the freezer, cucumber, celery, baked and spiced potato slices, and yogurt}

We spent a little bit of time reading


And then crawling into boxes


Then, on Saturday we headed off to Hanna Park. It’s a state park that’s right on the beach. It’s amazing. It’s special. It’s where Brad and I had our wedding. It’s also where we go camping and where my parents were camping this weekend. First, we spent some time on the beach…

Zoe has lost all inhibitions in the ocean. She’s completely fearless now, and would probably play in the water for hours on end if we’d let her. However, it’s Shark Week on Discovery, and so I need about a week in between watching hours of shark attacks on end and getting into the ocean. Call me crazy.


We were completely unprepared for the beach…go figure…which is why she’s just in a diaper when we have 7 bathing suits for her at home. We also didn’t have a towel. So, we used Brad’s shirt to wrap her up in. It was beyond cute. Don’t freak out, Zoe rode in the front seat with me back to the campground…she’s kinda a daredevil like that =)


We went back to the RV, Zoe took a nap, we hung out, and then I managed to convince Brad to ride the tandem bicycle with me. I didn’t stop laughing for 30 minutes. It was so much fun…and Brad was a riot in the front. I love times like that. I love laughing with my husband. I love playing with him.


Sunday Brad had the morning “off”. I took Zoe to church with me and he stayed home, lounged around, napped, and did essentially nothing. It is incredibly hard for him to do nothing. He has a constant to-do list running through his mind. Zoe and I came home, we both napped, then enjoyed dinner with Brad’s mom, and finished up the day with a girl’s night over here at the house. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend…but I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh. Wait…that’s right. Something else happened Saturady….my sister got engaged! 😉


Congrats Jess and Ryan! Let the wedding planning begin!!!!